Scuba Diving Victoria

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$299+tax includes all course books and equipment

  • How to put on and remove your suit with minimal assistance
  • ​Buoyancy control in a dry suit
  • The different kinds of dry suits and how to care/repair for them
  • Safety considerations of diving in a dry suit

​Stay Warmer!

Ogden Point Dive Centre

199 Dallas Road Victoria BC V8V 1A1



​What you will learn

Want to stay warm? When you start to dive in a dry suit it feels odd, but when you stay dry and are able to extend your dive you will be happy that you took this course. The dry suit will seal you off from the water and allow you to get the most out of your diving not only here in the island but any where you could use one.

​Courses are done on demand!

Dry Suit Diver